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Biogrinder (RBG)Biomass – efficient substrate processing

The BHS Biogrinder is used in the processing of biomass for biogas generation. The machine achieves intensive mechanical pre-processing of the energy crops, thus accelerating the gas yield and stabilizing the entire fermentation process. The Biogrinder is built for continuous operation, has a rugged design and is easy to operate and maintain.
The result is a homogeneously shredded, flaky and well-defibrated substrate with a large particle surface. This significantly accelerates gas production by micro-organisms in the fermenter. Even feed materials that are considered difficult or impossible to recycle can be processed, providing access to low-priced raw materials. Other advantages include reduced agitator use and a reduction of floating layers.
The input material is fed from above into the central duct of the Biogrinder. Installed inside the machine is a high-speed rotor with vertical shaft. The rotor is of star-shaped configuration with sturdy, flexibly mounted crushing tools. The tools are of simple design and have a long service life. The input material is accelerated outward by centrifugal forces and subjected to intense stress in the gap between the rotating tools and the stationary stator strips by impact, punching and shear forces. The final product is discharged through amply-sized apertures at the bottom of the unit. The crushing ratio and the intensity of stress on the material can be adjusted via the rotor speed and the number of tools installed.

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Exhibitor: BHS-Sonthofen GmbH


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