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HSM Environmental Technology products all have one goal: to deal with waste materials ecologically and economically. HSM quality baling presses „Made in Germany“ compress packaging waste up to 95% and compact cardboard, plastics and nearly all waste materials into bales which can be easily stacked and transported. The HSM PET solutions provide technologies for durable compression and devaluation of PET bottles.

HSM also offers full customer service. From consulting on selecting the right press for your specific application, to individual projecting of system development, to supporting the press operation: HSM is a one-stop service supplier with a dense consulting and service network all over the world.

Products and services

  • Vertical and horizontal baling presses for retailers and manufacturers
  • Shredder baler combination machines
  • PET/UBC compaction technology
  • Fully automatic baling press systems for professional waste disposal companies
  • Individually projected facilities or special solutions
HSM Vertical Baling Presses

Due to their size, cost efficiency and capacity, HSM’s vertical baling presses of the V-Press series are incredibly well-suited for industry, manufacturers and trading alike. With this compact baling press, you can reduce the volume of your on-site packaging material by up to 95 %. The HSM product range of vertical baling presses starts with the small manual foil press HSM V-Press 60 and extends to the top-of-the-line HSM V-Press 1160.

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HSM Horizontal Baling Presses

The HSM horizontal baling presses are suitable for industry, manufacturers and waste disposal companies. In addition to paper, cardboard and foil, they are often used for compressing expansive materials such as foams, polystyrene, hollow vessels, metal buckets, barrels, car tyres, etc. The baling presses of the HL series feature low overall height and a large loading aperture, facilitating handling of these materials by the user.

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HSM Fully Automatic Channel Baling Presses

HSM does not just hardware alone, but provides individual system solutions as well. When it comes to demanding systems, you can benefit from our extensive know-how and broad experience. Experienced HSM specialists assist you right from the start on site and provide ongoing support and service. With the wide range of options and accessories, our disposal solution can be fully integrated into your existing operation and processes. The individualised into your existing operation and processes.

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HSM GmbH & Co. KG
Austr. 1–9
88699 Frickingen

Phone: +49 7554 2100-0
Fax: +49 7554 2100-160
Internet: www.hsm.eu
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Contact person

Pascaline Lutz
Business Development Manager | Southeast Europe & Africa
Phone: +49 160 96311833
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News & Innovations

HSM ProfiPack Packaging Machines

The packaging machines are a brilliant solution for all shipping and storage areas. They perforate used cardboard or bolster it up and make universally usable packaging material which is as good as new. This saves costs and, at the same time, is a sensible and practical contribution to environmental protection. HSM ProfiPack packaging machines: from waste to packaging material.

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Crusher-Baler-Combination HSM CP 4988

The effective system for PET recycling reduces the volume of empty PET bottles by up to 90 % and it also produces compact bales of raw material.

A dosing shaft ensures that the bottles are drawn in securely and achieves a throughput capacity of up to 4000 (1 litre) bottles every hour. The drainage system discharges all residual fluid before pressing. With a pressing power of 11 tonnes, the downstream baling press compresses the crushed bottles into raw material bales with a weight of up to 100 kg.

Efficient PET recycling system to reduce the volume of empty PET bottles by up to 90 % and produce compact raw material bales.

Low space requirement.

Manual and automatic filling possible.

Crusher rollers made of specially hardened and ground steel,impervious and sturdy – for a long service life.

Scraper system removes the compressed plastic bottles reliably from the crusher rollers.

Dosing shaft with several paddles ensures that the PET bottles are reliably fed to the rollers.

Automatic photoelectric control of the pressing process.

Manual, 3-fold strapping with continuous polyester strap.

Display to indicate “bale ready”.

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HSM FluidEx

Quickly and reliably, the HSM PET FluidEx 600 empties full PET bottles and cartons / cans or drink which have been incorrectly filled or labelled or in situations where the minimum shelf life has been exceeded.

Containers emptied by up to 98 %

Optimum removal of any remaining liquids using 2-shaft technology Low space requirement Both manual and automatic filling possible Specific discharge system for liquids via hose or pump (not included in the delivery) Easy to clean due to inspection door and hinged outlet chute Ideal as complement to the HSM baling presses.

Throughput up to 10.000 PET bottles (1litre) per hour.

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