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Anaergia is a global leader in the production of clean energy, fertilizer, and recycled water from virtually any waste stream, offering the widest range of maximizing resource recovery solutions for the municipal, industrial, commercial, and agricultural markets. Anaergia’s integrated solutions create value for its customers in the forms of renewable energy, quality fertilizers, and clean water, while dramatically reducing the cost of waste management. Anaergia delivers integrated solutions globally through established offices in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia and its breakthrough technologies are in use at over a thousand resource recovery facilities worldwide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while creating new revenue sources for its clients.

Products and services

WWTP: Anaergia provides solutions to increase the efficiency of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, transforming them into assets that are net producers of clean electricity, clean water, and fertilizer. Our Omnivore™ high-solids anaerobic digester technology increases efficiency, enables co-digestion, and reduces facility footprints and life cycle costs.

MSW: The Anaergia approach maximizes recovery and recycling of plastics, papers, and metals, before recovering biodegradable organic material for conversion to energy and fertilizer. A small portion of the reject material is transformed into a sustainable refuse derived fuel (RDF).

Agri: The Anaergia group of companies has a long history in the agriculture and food production sectors with hundreds of turn-key anaerobic digestion projects delivered
Agriculture Orlovanjak Croatia

Agricultural plant in Croatia

New Horizons Energy

The New Horizons Waste to Energy (NHWE) plant utilizes key components of Anaergia’s cutting edge product line to transform municipal, trade and organic wastes into a high quality organic pulp suitable for anaerobic digestion. A methane rich biogas is produced and upgraded to biomethane and food grade CO2

Omnivore - WWTP triples digestion capacity

Anaergia’s Omnivore™ system is a next generation solution that costs less to build and costs less to operate, while being much more rugged and flexible to operate than conventional wastewater digester systems. Retrofitting an existing digester with the Omnivore™ system tripled the existing digester’s capacity and widened the range of organic waste streams that the digester can convert into biogas.

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